Clothing sizes

Size does matter, at least to us. While you might not win any fashion awards, we want you to feel comfortable. Our suits and jackets come in small, medium, large and extra large sizes, and we do have some extra extra large. Beekeepers are not however as conveniently sized.

As a guide, we suggest the following groupings:


Size Height
Extra Extra Extra Small 4’6″
Extra Extra Small 4’9″
Extra Small 5’0″


Size Chest Height
Small 34″–36″ 5’3″
Medium 36″–40″ 5’6″
Large 40″–44″ 5’9″
Extra Large 44″–48″ 6’0″
Extra Extra Large 48″–51″ 6’2″
Extra Extra Extra Large 51″–54″ 6’4″

This clothing is intended to last. It needs to be right. If in doubt, go large. Remember to allow for the clothes you are wearing, particularly in winter. Baggy is good. Don’t be afraid of offending your bees. They will not recognise or respect style. Should the chosen size prove wrong, we will happily exchange for another size. Personal callers, by prior arrangement, can try before they buy.

The suits and jackets are generously cut with back pleats. The suits are also long in the body. You might be pleasantly surprised! Made to measure can be arranged, at additional cost.

When it comes to simply determining glove size, please measure around your palm, without going around the thumb. Do not squeeze! The resulting measurement in inches is your glove size. There is more information available on the Web.

If you are uncertain or want help, please contact us.